Curve not exported to dxf


I have a curve that cannot be exported to DXF I tried a few dxf flavors but all report the curve being skipped.
no_dxf_export.3dm (25 KB)

First question:
What is wrong with this curve that it cannot be exported.

Second question:
I’m batch exporting with the hyphened ‘-ExportWithOrigin’ command.
How would I go about catching this skipped curve.
I see parsing the commandline history as a last resort.


Your file has no model units.

I set Millimeters, exploded and joined the curves. Export / import was successful.

curve_millimeters.dxf (34.8 KB)

Hi Martin,

The unset units is because I exported geometry only.

The explode and join is indeed preventing the error.
However I want to refrain from exploding-joining all curves before export.
A batch easily has 15K+ curves that I don’t want to all explode and join.


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How do you create the curves?

Their origins vary, but mostly planar surface borders and projections.
The planar surfaces are results of transforms or unrolls.

And the only reason you don’t want to explode and join the curves is time?

Apart from the overhead, I want to know for sure if that will be a solution not just in this case.
I expect this to be a bug or shortcoming in the DXF exporter so If I know the cause I can watch out for these particular cases.

My bad,

I’m going to get some coffee


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