3dm to dxf not getting all the file

Hi All, I created a 3dm file with some 3d stuff ,text and curves.I save as dxf . I open in Rhino and it opens with default settings. Opens fine in Rhino. I open in Draftsight or e-drawings and a lot is not there. Only some text came through.
Does anyone have experience in this senario ?
I have also deleted all the 3d stuff and tried that. Didn’t help any help is appreciated

I have tried sending another file and it came through fine. So I don’t think it is what Rhino is doing. Thinking the first one is corrupted or something I’m unable to explain.—Mark

Can you post the file and the DXF? We can take a look at it. You can also email the file to tech@mcneel.com if you would like.

Thanks for wanting to look into this Scott.
I redrew the file I wanted to open in Draftsight .It only was shown in a layout page. Not model space. Thank you,Mark

2050 MS glass patterns for Jenn.dxf (132 KB)

Hi Mark.

With AutoCAD, we have lines in ‘model space’ on ‘Layer 01’, and detail on a layer 'glass sizes’
On a page layout, we have the view-port that shows detail of ‘Layer 01’, and some text.

The dxf opens in paper-space with the view-port and text, which must be the from where the dxf was saved.
Have you tried saving the dxf from ‘model space’?
I think the software you are opening it with is only reading the page layout,

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Hello @markintheozarks,
I run into the problem often when converting/exporting from 3dm to DXF that for some reason too, which I think could be due to differing unit tolerances when converting or exporting, but any curve/line or other object which Rhino deems as a bad object in the 3DM file will NOT export to the DXF file.
A check for this is to use the
command in the 3DM file and then for curves the easiest fix is to explode and join again.
Then export or save as DXF and then normally all the curves are in the DXF.
Michael VS