Probably an old topic but a new problem (BUG) for just installed WIP

Just installed the latest WIP and opened V5 file in WIP, There are 4 features that appear V6 that don’t belong. The V5 is below it to show what it should look like.

Circled in Blue and with the arrow are the problems in V6

And what it should look like in V5

And the file itself is too large to load so Ill need to send it to some one at McNeel

Hi RBL - are these blocks showing up in the wrong place? If the stray block is linked please send the main file and the block via



Pascal, I up loaded it, you should have it now. Those particular blocks were not linked. Other were linked and others were not but appeared fine.

I re-opened this file in WIP and it asked to up date blocks as it did the fist time (In V5 it would not ask as there was nothing new), This time I said no and the stray blocks are no longer floating in space and are located correctly in the same spot as in V5. Also the purple detail is now complete, its location was correct in both circumstances but was missing most of its surfaces when blocks updated.

The one below is WIP with out block update

This is WIP with the blocks updated (was already sent)

Hi RBL - I do have it and it looks fine here as far as I can see - I get no request to update any blocks… Am correct that the file behaves itself now for you as well?


No, it still has the stray blocks if the block update window is checked. If I ignore the check update blocks window it does open fine (maybe).

I did notice that In WIP were I update the blocks there is some association between the stray bit in the foreground and the purple block “JL3B-1532284-A_6” with the arrow and there shouldn’t be. In fact the stray block in the foreground may have existed in the model at one time but was deleted, Its not in the block list in Blockmanager, And if you look closely to the stray in the background its the same only at a different size or scale. The one in the background is also associated with another block, but its name is “AUTOMATION DIRECT PSB24-120”. Both, "AUTOMATION DIRECT PSB24-120 or “JL3B-1532284-A_6” are not linked.

I’ve moved the one stray next to the other for comparison. Its orientation has not been changed

Hi RBL -
Darn - I do not get that question here. I can believe there is a bug here, there’s been some churn in this area, but I cannot make it happen so far. I’ll fuss some more.

Thanks for the detailed description.


In regards to the “maybe” in all respects it appears fine if opened and not up dated


I’ve opened 15 other files, some much larger then what was first sent with out any issues.

I took the purple block deleted it, purged it and then inserted it again, and linked it as well this time, And now the stray bits are gone. I have no Idea. :neutral_face:

Hi RBL - good - thanks for the update - and, do you continue to get the update question when you open these files?



OK - I think that is a problem - I don’t think you should get this message any more- These are all starting out as V5 files, correct? If we have not done this yet- if you open one, have it look correct and save as a V6 file, close and re-open… update question?


Yes they are all V5 and Its at 5 SR13 64-bit

When saved in WIP and then reopened in WIP the update block dialog window does not appear