Having Display Problems with Blocks

I saw this thread “Having Display Problems with Blocks - Rhino 5 SR1.” on the old forum.

FYI the Rhino WIP still has this issue. The Rhino 5 SR1 suggested moving the block minutely. This does nothing to correct the visual issue. Are there any updates to this issue coming? Its seems small and I read some Rhino MAC discussion about this. As I understand it Make2D is where all of the energy is going for resolving tricky edge issues. However, in my process the technical views have become increasingly useful in creating viewport and layouts of details for final documentation. To rely on Make2D for this would not only move the process to a crawl but it would kill any process of iteration due to updates to the design not being fluid. Make2D is great and I am glad you are fixing it but it is useful only for diagrams. In documentation the technical, pen, etc modes are becoming Rhino’s strength over other software.

BTW love the WIP!!!


Technical Mode with Default Lighting - Note no edges on the Block. Pen mode looks similar.

Shaded also has issues with Blocks visualization. Here some of the block goes into a strange wireframe mode.

We have a few open bug reports regarding blocks not displaying correctly in technical display modes (e.g. Pen, Artistic & Technical) but it would be great to see your file from the screenshots above too if possible. Please post it here if you can or email just the block object to tech@mcneel.com . Please post the link to this forum thread in the comments if you email it.

@brian may be able to shed more light on this in terms of priorities for v6. Please provide the file though and I’ll make sure your specific case gets logged.

Having display work well is one of our top priorities for Rhino 6 - so we want to hear about everything that doesn’t work well for you. Please keep logging bugs with each WIP release until you can’t find any.

Sending 3DM files and exporting any of your customized OpenGL display modes is helpful, too.

I worked on display issues like this over the past few days. This display glitch should be fixed in the next WIP.