Export filled surfaces to pdf (vector) format possible?

Is it possible in Rhino 7 somehow to export filled surfaces to pdf (vector) format? Or can surfaces be converted to hatches so that they can be exported to pdf (vector)? Its exports surfaces only as curve constructs and I don’t want that.

Hello- if the surfaces are planar, you can DupBorder and then Hatch that curve(s), otherwise, Make2D and add hatches to the output - that might take some work.


Could someone maybe code me a python command that surrounds previously selected surfaces with polylines and replaces the surfaces with hatches, where I can then choose what type of hatch to apply? Is that possible? I would be really grateful to you for that.

Hello- if make2D is not what you want, then MeshOutline may get you what you want - - it’s hard to say without a file to look at, with examples of the input and desired output.


Hello thank you for the answer. I just thought of replacing planar surfaces of 2D drawings created in plan view with hatching. So that you can export the drawings as pdf (vector format), because areas are only exported as line constructs (unfilled).

Hello- as I mentioned above, if the surfaces are planar, then DupBorder and Hatch should accomplish what you need - I could see that you might want some automation for multiple surfaces but does that at least get you the output you need?


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Or maybe can @Helvetosaur create a python file, because his last python files of a other request was very great for me.

@pascal thanks this is helpful, it works. But that doesn’t directly replace the surfaces, does it? I would then have to delete the areas and change the hatching to a specific color. But this is very helpful. Thanks very much.

Correct, you’d need more to make it replace the surfaces.

@slowhand03 Try the attached python - put your surfaces on one layer and make a different layer current, then run this script, then turn off the surfaces layer (or just use the DeleteInput option)

HatchFaces.py (1.8 KB)

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"