Printing varying layout sizes to PDF

When printing multiple pages with varying sizes (e. g. a4 and a3) rhino produces either cropped pages or pages with a white border.

Is there a script or workaround for producing the exact/varying page sizes to one pdf at once?


Any idea on this one?

I think there is a wish list item for dealing with multiple page sizes when printing a range. Currently, each sheet size has to be printed separately.

Thanks. As we are having files with 20-30 pages (varying sizes) this is beeing eagerly awaited.

Hi - as John said, we have this on our list - a few times actually. I added your vote for this feature request to RH-30155.

Hi all, any update about this?
It is an important feature for me as well.
Please add my vote!


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Hi Luca -

It appears there was an update for this issue…
If you use the SaveAs command to create the PDF, differently-sized layouts will export fine.


you are right, this is a good news!
The output is nice but single page preview is missing.
Can this be added, just like in print preview?

@luca just select the layout in the Multiple Layouts list that you want to see and the preview on the right will update.


thanks @Trav , checked this out already but is not behaving as I would expect.
The preview shows only one page instead of the whole range as in print preview.

I noticed some inconsistency as well in preview between raster and vector output.
Vector output preview does not show vector geometry which are actually exported to PDF

This list is replaced

by this list.

Just highlight any one you wish to see in order for the preview to update.

if you can send me a file to test with I can have a look at the vector issue.

Having tabs on the Preview window would be nice and a little more literal. The tabs could have the checkboxes. Perhaps double-clicking could take you to a thumbnail view of all the Layouts in the preview window, again with each having a checkbox? Then drag them to set the print order for a multi-page PDF.

@MattE We’ve had to introduce the new Layouts window in Rhino 7 because the viewport tabs weren’t working when people were generating 100’s of tabs.

I’m still a leper using V5 but am upgrading to V7 tomorrow :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, so I’ll take a look.

Could you not have a thumbnail option though, with a scroll bar? For those very people that have caused you problems with tabs, remembering what each drawing looks like just from a list of names isn’t going to come easy.

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We are definitely still playing with how the UI should flow over time and definitely want to improve it. whether that comes in the form of tabs / sliders / lists / etc. is still very fluid. One big challenge in terms of the thumbs is the time it takes to generate them when there are a lot. The new layout panel faced a lot of these challenges in its development.

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Hi @Trav please find attached a sample file and a link to a video showing issue I am experiencing saving a file as pdf. Output file is correct but preview is not.
Raster-Vector Layout Test.3dm (353.8 KB)
Raster-Vector Layout Test.pdf (125.9 KB)
Video here
Rhino Version 7
(7.4.21061.15001, 2021-03-02)
Please note, in order to fully replicate my workflow, that I have SafeLayout Plugin running, in order to simplify Layers management.

Thanks @luca4

I took a quick look at this and noticed the text is drawing in the preview but its drawing a white color on top of a white background. I’ve logged the issue for further inspection. Thanks!


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Thank you!

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