Printing rhino 8 normal printer not usable

when printing with R8 normal printer , seting portret window scaled to fit does not print portret but landscape , view is the same when setting landscape
printing landscape does not print the setting window but half of the window approx

result this

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check the scaling settings.

that is exact as i need , scaled to fit the A4 sheet , it does not print as it should see the pictures

Which build number you are running?

last one updated today

Hm - I do not have A4 paper, so I can’t test directly, here. 8.5x11 in. does do the right thing on my printer.
@robo does pdf spit out the correct aspect ratio?


good luck getting the print to look the same as the preview

rhino pdf seems to work here , but normal hp laserprinter does not print portret , it prints landscape when printng portret , in R7 it works good this printer , i do not think it is the A4 or 8,5x11 it is just not printing what it should , it looks ok see the pictures, but the result is no good(last picture) , here on my laptop i do not have a normal printer only pdf print and that seems ok landscape or portret.


saved a rhino pdf of the parts i wanted to print ,and printed that on the normal printer , this seems ok.
Did a scale 1:1 print pdf, printed that and that printed out ok

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I wish I had a similar printer so I could reproduce the issue.
just to make sure, are you running release Candidate or Release? Is it 8.2? or 8.3?

sr3 and it is just a standard windows printer HP laserjet pro 200 color , it works in al previous rhino versions really ok

I have the same problem as you. Developers don’t even do the most basic tests, they are really a group of geniuses.

I don’t have a laser printer just an old HP inkjet. This is what I see:



The actual paper prints look just like the preview. What am I doing differently?

well my print is portret and the outcome is landscape , when printing landscape the outcome is just a part of the window you set over the parts to print , the preview is ok the outcome partly and not in the scale you want

it works in R7 excellent


OK, that’s not happening to me here, but I don’t have your printer. Do you have another printer to test if the same thing happens? What happens if you print to PDF?

look above allready tested

So it seems printer-specific… (driver?)

Nothing specail on this printer works in all progs also Rhino 7, 6 and 5

Thanks for all these details. I think we’ll need to set up a remote debugging session with you to see if we can figure out what is different about your printer compared to all the ones we’ve tried. I’ll send you a DM with more details.

Hi Rob / Brian,
I was able to reproduce this on my old Lexmark E232 and wrote this up as RH-79378 Print: Printing to physical printer prints layout instead of portrait