Printing PDF from a layout - WTH?

What the heck is this supposed to mean?


I am printing Rhino PDF from a layout, replacing a previous file of same name. The original file is not open in any other program. Nothing should prevent the file overwrite as far as I know.

Version 6 SR15
(6.15.19141.8361, 21-May-19)

When McNeel&Ass does not respond to bug reports it means that, in a few weeks,
Rhino 6 will be abandoned and McNeel&Ass will start working on Rhino 7.

@tim - do you have an idea about this?


This would be my area since I wrote the Rhino PDF exporter.

I haven’t seen this one before. Mitch, does this happen with any file you try to overwrite when generating a PDF? Here’s a wild guess, is there a Rhino that is “stuck” and hidden in the background (check task manager).

Hi Steve,
Off for a long weekend, will test on Monday… Thanks, — Mitch