Printing Extra Layouts

I am having an issue printing all layouts to PDF, where the print dialog is showing more layouts than I have in my file. When I print it duplicates some pages in the file. I have had this issue on nearly all my files, so this is not isolated. Also, many of my coworkers have the same issue.

I have switched to multiple PDF printers and they all have the same issue. See an example of the issue shown below. Rhino file attached as well

18037_Brandaw_Trellis_Mod_02_PRINT_Issue.3dm (5.6 MB)

Hello- I think you may have an outdated Rhino - try getting the latest.


I have updated and still have the same issue. I opened a blank template file and the issue exist when you copy layouts. With 1 layout it prints proper, then as soon as I copy that layout the bug appears.

Thanks for your help

Hm - that is this item -

RH-63929 Print: Copied layout was printed more than once

Which was fixed and tested - it looks like it may be in the current release candidate

you can get the (hopefully) fixed version by changing the ‘Update frequency’ in Options > Updates and Statistics page to ‘Service release candidate’

Any better?


It seems to have been solved with the most recent release candidate. Thanks for your help

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