Printing on A3 paper?

I created an airplane model and extracted all the parts to make a wood model of the plane.The parts will be laser-cut otu of wood, and I need to print the top view of my file and use it as a building plan. Unfortunately, the sttings for printing only allow A4 or smaller paper size, and I need to print on an A3 sheet. Is there a way around that?

I believe printing is controlled by the OS,not Rhino. Can your attached printer print A3?

I don’t really print from Rhino, but that would be my thoughts.

Thanks for your message.
Well, when I tried to print, it opened a window within Rhino, and didn’t offer to a list of printers to choose from like it does with Ps. So I guess it is controlled by Rhino. But you’re right, my printer can’t print this size anyway.
Maybe I should reformulate my question and ask how to export my Top view in a .pdf, at the exact scale, so I can have it printed somewhere?