Yet another printing bug

Just updated to latest version 6 hoping that a regular printing bug I have noticed since version 5 had been sorted but alas no.

Basically I draw up all my layouts in A3.
If I want to print these to A4 I select the printer, selcet A4 as the paper size and then select “print extents” and scale as “scale to fit”. All good so far…BUT. This only works on a single layout. If I try to print out multiple layouts the layout prints out as A3 with part of it off the edge of the A4 paper margin.
I have tried this on Print to PDF also and is does the same thing. Even the print prevoiew creen shows most of the drawings off the page.
the smae thing ocurrs if I select “print layout” and “scale to fit”

Any ideas ?


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Hello - no, I don’t have a good idea. I cannot see the logic behind how this behaves with multiple layouts - each layout can have a printer and paper size and the Print command has a setting as well, so I don’t know what wins… I’ll see what I can find out. @mary - do you have an idea what should happen here?


Surley it should make no difference if you print one layout or several. If the drawings are A0, A3 or A2 and you need to print them out to A4; “print to fit” or “scale to fit” should work ? It works fine in single layout mode.
Makes no sense to me as this is NOT an uncommon requierment… or am I the only one who comes across this ?