Printing dialog is here! But

Hurray! Printing at 1:1 scale is finally here, thank you Rhino for Mac team. I cannot say I have put it through a rigorous testing programme, but one of the issues I noticed is that when the highlight is on the command line window, selecting “print” from the menu will attempt to print the command line!

I found this out when trying to center a detail of an A1 size drawing in an effort to print that detail on A4 size paper. (select detail, then zoom selected). Which brings me to a wish list item: printing of selected objects only…


there’s an option to print only selected in the dialog somewhere (on a phone… I don’t remember the exact location but it’s in the same menu as showing the grid, axis, etc)

but yeah, I noticed the thing you’re saying about printing the command line… my layers panel had focus once when I was trying out the new print features and the panel was the print.

another issue I found was that we can’t print to PDF unless there’s a printer hooked up or selected. (or maybe we can’t print to PDF at all? the computer I tried it on never had a printer hooked up to it before)

[EDIT] hmm… just tried printing to PDF again on my laptop and it’s working fine with no printer select… i’ll have to re-try the other computer to figure out why it wasn’t working for me.

Yep, found it. Thanks Jeff. However, positioning of the printed objects still refers to the entire drawing, so you have to work the offsets to get it within the constraints of your print format. I checked the ‘centered’ box, but also that refers to the center of the complete drawing, not that of the selected objects.


Edit: I must have made a mistake somewhere, it does work correctly after all. Sorry for the confusion.

I spent a while last night setting my Rhino template up for printing so that I don’t need to do any adjustment in Illustrator, which was slowing me down when making revisions.

I found that putting objects into a paper-sized rectangle and using Visibility > Only selected objects in the Print Dialog was the only way to guarantee positioning on the page (the rectangle ought to be selected too before printing).

In the absence of a layout tool I’m scaling my drawings down, putting them in A3-sized rectangles and printing like that. Dimensioning is done on that scaled drawing, with preset dimensions styles having different Length factors corresponding to different scales.

Alternatively you could scale up the paper size in the Rhino drawing, and scale down in the print dialogue, but I decided against this because I tend to mix scales on a single sheet, and don’t necessarily draw things in the configuration I’d like to print them. I’m happy with my work-around until the Layout tool is implemented.