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I kind of hate asking this question, as I am aware of what a big deal it has been getting Rhino onto the Mac. (I think I have now been using Rhino for Mac for 4.5 years. Is this right?)

Anyway, when are Rhino for Window’s great printing functions going to make it over here to Apple land? Right now, I have to go through the labor of exporting to Illustrator. I would love to ditch Adobe from the process of printing a few drawing sheets from my Mac version.

Maybe a scaled down version of the print dialog box to start with? Unless I am missing something, I can’t even scale a drawing to fit on a single sheet of paper.

Also, I like to draw on a black screen with colorful lines indicating the layers they are on. I also like to check in on what my drawing is looking like on white paper with line weights. Is there a way to have PrintDisplay have a set screen color? As in, the background switches to white when turning on PrintDisplay?

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Work on printing is underway. The first step was to be able to produce images of a viewport at any size, and that is done. That is why the dashed version of ViewCaptureToFile command is now available in the 2014-03-05 WIP release.

As far as PrintDisplay enhancements, I’ll ask @pascal to look at this. He’s the keeper of the enhancement list.

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My guess is this is not hard technically… but right now there is no provision for it. I can add this to the heap however…



Excellent on both fronts.

Never ending thanks as usual.