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This might be quite simple and I have done it before but I can’t find a way to get back to it…

Basically, I want to export my detailed view to illustrator through layouts but it seems as if I am missing a step as when I open it in illustrator it shows empty… I have tried to double click inside the window and select my objects but when I do Export Selected it says “no objects are selected.”

I have attached images because i think this is the easiest way to explain…

Thank you in advance!!

Hi Isabel,

I admit I am guessing here, and I do not have any experience with Illustrator. Afaik layout details are just viewports on your 3D model, and Illustrator is a 2D design package. So I guess the only way to export is to create a pdf file from the layout page through the Rhino printing interface, and import that file into Illustrator.


Hi Maxz,

I tried doing that too but there is a blank page when I try to print on the preview window

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Do you have “only selected objects” checked under “visibility” by any chance? (scroll down from “Output and Scaling”). If so, uncheck it.



I already checked that no, I dont have it checked

Try to set your printing scale to 1:1, you are after all printing a layout page at full size.


…but when you need to print a detail at a specific scale, this is set and locked in the Layout Detail properties (Only works for parallel views like top,front,right, etc. Don’t open the detail, just click on the edge and read/set the scale in the inspector panel). Printing is still done at 1:1 scale.


Hi Max,

This worked! I put it 1:1 but as I can only save as pdf or Jpeg when I open it to illustrator is not vectorized… so it doesn’t really help me because I would have to retrace all over it…

I thought I would be able to open it vectorized in illustrator

I noticed in your screenshot that you have the printer output set to Raster. Change it to vector and in the lower lefthand corner (adjacent to the ?) of the print dialogue, select “Save as PDF” from the drop down menu. You should then be able to open your file in Illustrator as vector content.


I was about to say the same as Shockjoy. One additional requirement to make it work: open the Layout Detail and change the appearance to wireframe. Shaded setting will still not result in a vectored pdf.


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This is now sorted and saved me HOURS…!!!