Printing a PDF of a shaded iso view

Either something has happened or I’ve messed up again. I printed shaded PDFs several weeks ago, but when I try it now I don’t get the shaded model.
It’s ok to make me look stupid, I’ve been using Rhino less than 4 months. I’m sure it’s simple, but… :>)

you’ll have to use raster output instead of vector in order to see the shading effect.

(guessing that you’re currently exporting vectors?)

Hi Jeff, a treat in store for you when Mac gets layouts working…

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Sorry for the slow response. No need to go into my excuses.
I tried both vector and raster.
I select perspective view, shade it and pan to the selected VP. As soon as I select print is immediately goes to a wire frame view. From that point on all I can get is wire frame. Frustrating because I was able to print shaded views previously.