Printing 1:1 generates only one page of what should be many

I am a woodworker who wants to print out a scale drawing of some project pieces so I can trace the outline onto the wood for cutting. My example problem is for a design that is 12" x 12", which exceeds the size of an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. When I set the print scale to 1:1, I only get a single page of output.

How do I setup Rhino (v 7 is what I own) to completely output a design 1:1?

You’re talking about “Tiling”, and very few consumer grade printers support that feature.
You can do it yourself.

Determine the printable area of a sheet of paper for your printer.
It’s probably a little bigger than 10 x 7.5.

Draw rectangles that size and place them over your model.
Print each page so it covers one the the rectangles.
Tape them together.

Or make a 1:1 PDF, and send it to FedEx/Kinkos for printing on a large format printer.

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For what it’s worth - that feature request has been on our list for 22 years. I’ve added your vote - RH-448.