How to print objects in 1:1 scale that are bigger than one page?

I want to print the top view of my object in 1:1 scale on paper so I can cut it out and use it as a template. The problem is: The object is bigger than one paper page of the printer, so I would need a print that goes over several pages that I would glue together before cutting out the template. Is there an easy way to do that or do I have to create a bunch of layouts manually, each for one showing another part of the object. (I hope you understand what I mean - english is not my mother tongue.).
Thanks for help

Your printer driver may have a feature for this.

Thanks for the idea, but as far as I understand, the layout only shows one page so the object is also bigger than the layout. And if I send the layout to the printer (aka printing) the printer only gets the information of that one page. I do not see a way how the printer could get the information of the rest of the object.

What I would like to have is something like selecting an object, then click on something like “print selected object” then choose something like “1mm in model = 1mm on page” and then, if the object is bigger than one physical page, get a certain amount of layouts that are printed each on a seperate page and cover the whole object. And if I glue those pages together correctly I get a 1:1 scale top view of the object that I can cut out and use as a template.

Is something like this even possible in Rhino?

You don’t have to make a layout to print, you can just set up the view and scale to print at.

Look up your printer driver to see if it has a poster printing feature, or things like Acrobat have it. Then Scale your print DOWN precisely so that it comes out right when scaled up. This may be a bit tricky. Or you can pick a sufficiently large sheet of paper to print 1:1, it depends.

How many pages are you talking about here? It might be a lot less hassle to just find someone with a large format printer or “plotter” that can print it, or better yet a cutter that can just make the template, taping together a dozen letter sized pages is not productive.

Ok, now I get it. In Rhino I let it print at 50% scale and in the printer settings I let the printer print at 200% scale in poster mode. So all in all it is 1:1 scale again. That´s a good idea! But sadly my printer does not do anything like that.

For the moment being my print would be 4 pages (2 by 2). But I have another project in mind where it would be approx. 6 pages next to each other. These are just hobby projects I do at home. They do not have to be productive although fiddling around with sigle page printing when there is a possibility to do a multipage print that alignes the pages by itself would save a lot of time which could be spent on the fun part of the hobby instead of the printing process.

Thanks a lot for the ideas so far.

Hi @Nagamendo

I can’t tell you how many times I requested this. I think since V2 subsequently my requests always being ignored.

Corel has the nicest implementation of this because it is without size limits and is one click good to go. In the print preview you see your image tiled with sheets and you select all sheets or the ones you want. Illustrator has it but it’s limited to their 8 by 8 foot page size. I don’t see why Rhino can’t have this small feature by now I think it’s 20 years latter. In Rhino I make a page size and cover the model or image I am going to print with copied images of it. It’s a pain but it works. I do a lot of large scale pattern work so possibly it’s hard for McNeel’s tech to see the need for this. I do have a large scale plotter but I still need to tile my patterns.


What sizes in print do we assume here ?

Maybe Rhino PDF printer is a solution.
Rhino PDF → open Acrobat Reader → option Poster, it divides the document into DIN A4 parts

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eddi! You saved my day! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for.
Acrobat insists on only using landscape orientation, though, which - in this specific case - uses up too many papers, but who cares. IT WORKS! This saves me sooooo much time.

Thank you so much (also 3dsynergy and JimCarruthers)
Have a great day

The way I go about RH PDF Print:
.1. Zoom Selected or Zoom Extents
.2. RH PDF output settings size Custom…, Viewport …, Scale all 1, No Margins, Position Centered
And printing from AdR works on both paper positions (here on WIN system)

Thanks again eddi. This is how I will do it. Works great. I’m so happy.
What I have not found out is why Acrobat Reader insists on printing posters in landscape. But I do not care about this so much. It prints in 1:1 scale on several pages that I can glue together. That´s all that I wanted. Saved my day.

Have a great time, you all

Hi Eddi,
Good catch! This will work for those times I need simple printing.

It won’t work for my cutter and patterns because I have to have complete control there. Materials are too expensive to waste.

I still think it would be productive if McNeel added a better workflow for tiling patterns (Corel had it in win 3.1), building things and pattern making is a huge part of production workflow.

Hi Roland -

Your wish was put on the list as what became RH-448 on April 7th, 2000.

I’ve added this thread as a vote for that feature.

Hi @wim
I know the developers have their hands full, perhaps one day.
Thank you kindly for your help and for reinstating the issue.

For tiled printing I use FoxIT PDF.
It works well.

I have a subscription version that does it, and I do not know if the free version does the tiled printing.

Mary Ann Fugier

Hi @mary
Thanks for the link, I’ve booked marked it for future ref.