Multi-page printing to pdf, of a view for large patterns

I’ve been struggling to find a way to print a view e.g. top view to a single pdf for at scale pattern printing.
e.g. an exploded table for cutting parts that may cover 40 pages
Tried layout but those only print a page at a time.
I would think this is a very common workflow but seems not possible? or I’m missing something?

Hi Ryan -

Tiled printing is not possible, no. It’s on the wish list as RH-448 and I’ve added your thread.

The work-around would be to place rectangles (possibly overlapping) over your objects and then creating one layout for each of those rectangles.

Thanks for the quick respone.
Unfortunately that would be way too clumbsy and time consuming a worrkaround. Thousnads of pages for a yacht.
I will have to look for other software. Even old viso does this gracefully.

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Hi Ryan,

maybe this posts helps finding an alternative solution

Thanks Willem, that works
For others the workflow is

  1. create a layout with a custom page size larger than the model (do check the scale before printing Rhino always automatically rescales it for some reason.)
  2. print to pdf using rhino pdf driver
  3. Adobe reader to print as a poster

If your printer driver doesn’t support this you are out of luck

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