Printed PDF is hard to manipulate and some print issues

Hi All.

I have a Rhino file with two layouts.
One of them has no detail windows (curves, texts and dims only), another has detail elements.
After printing to PDF (vector output) I have PDF doc with two pages. The first one is easy to zoom, scroll etc. But the other one with Details is much much slower.
I know Rhino PDF carries layer data to PDF doc. But I thought it should be just like curve work, no heavy data in PDF.
What can I do to make it work faster?

P.S. Unfortunately I can’t upload the file. Sorry.


One more thing is confusing me.

PDF page with Detail views has lines’ color as shade of black while in full page view. And the page with just layout CAD data all is true black.
When I zoom it in, the color is shown as black. But in full page zoom it’s grey. And this is about curves from Model space only.

All the settings for those elements are the same (layer, thickness, print color).

It’s all about some kind of settings for my custom display mode.
I created a simple file and made PDF with two versions:

  1. With box in my custom display mode and duplicated edges of it.
  2. With deleted box and duplicated edges left only.

So the question is what’s wrong with that custom display mode?
1.pdf (1.6 KB)
2.pdf (4.2 MB)
111.3dm (39.8 KB)
Drawing.ini (13.8 KB)

Please take a look at files attached. It’s an example Rhino file, custom display mode file and two versions of resulting PDF.

Ok. One more thing I’ve just found.

Even if my detail view is always in the same custom display mode I have different PDF results.

In case I have box in model space with hidden edges and isocurves (it’s completely not displayed in fact) PDF has fuzzy duplicated edges representation (like raster printing).
If I delete that box - those edge curves printed as clean vector lines.

It looks like not visible geometry still has influence on curves and rasterize the Detail view printing.
Line 1 on the images is from Model space. Line 2 in layout.


i have also problems with pdf PDF export structure bug

One thing that caught my attention is that you have gamma to 0?

For the other issue:
If that custom display mode is a derivative of a Technical display mode / pen / artistic then this will output pixels instead of vector lines. It appears to be the case.

Hi @Gijs.
Thank you for reply.

What is this parameter about?

So Shaded for example should do the vector way?

Wireframe outputs vector, while the technical display mode looks like lines, it is not unfortunately.
Any modes that have shading will also print as raster.

As for the gamma, without going into details, this value is normally set to 1 or (for rendering) to 2.2