PrintDisplay - persistent On/Off stored in file

Would it be possible to make the PrintDisplay state persistent? So that the state it is stored in the Rhino file … ? Like it is now I need to turn it on every time to see the Layouts in the correct way. Quite irritating since many years …




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Definitely. A persistent and unnecessary pain point. No need for Rhino printing to be this fragile.

Hej Erik -

This behavior is not something that will change in Rhino 7.
In Rhino 8, layouts show the correct lineweight without using PrintDisplay.

I’m using Rhino 8. The behaviour persists, but the feature unfortunately does not (sorry for the pun).

It’s needed BADLY in Rhino 8 … I’ve used it 40 times only today …


Oh Sorry, I’m talking about colours … Not lineweights … PrintColour …

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Another long-time vote for printer persistence.

I do a very large number of layouts to go out to PDFs and I have to set DPI from 600 to 300 on every single new layout to keep the PDFs from ballooning to hundreds of megabytes (even in the same Rhino session.)

If I could reset the default parm of 600 to 300 somewhere, I would be quite tickled w that too.

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How difficult is it to make persistent?
If my scripting wouldn’t be rusted and limited, I am sure a quick few lines to run automatically on opening of every file would solve it. But I am sure that it will be infinitely more efficient to run it on the base code.

See also: Wish: remember the last Block Name Conflict choice
See also: Reference layers reset everytime reference is updated

These are relatively simple things that have a huge impact on productivity (and annoyance levels).

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