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Is there a way to make a file save state of print display? I like working with it on, but every time I close and reopen a file I have to turn it on again.

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This is an old questions but I’m having the same issue… print display seems to reset every time I restart rhino. How do you set it to on permanently?

Wow this is a blast from the past. Completely forgot I asked it but it would be helpful. I’ve not tried it recently in the V6 WIP since I’m mostly focussing on rendering type stuff at the moment rather than line drawing output, but yes, it was really weird that it kept turning off.

Hello - you can put

_PrintDisplay _State=_On _Enter

in your startup commands in Options> General page.



Thank you!!!

This is great, but I think it would be good to be able to choose it by model. For example, some files you may want print display to stay on at all times, others you may not want it on at all.

Just piling on here to agree. It would be super nice if the state of print display were saved in the file. I want it on for some views, off for others. I have a big file with lots of layouts, views, ect.

Yep, got that, thanks

RH-62969 PrintDisplay: per document setting


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Yes, you’re right: it should be possible to set by view rather than by file.

What would be really cool is to be able to set some objects to always or never have print display turned on. Not sure how the UI would work for that though.