Feature Request: PrintDisplay on Layouts

After setting PrintDisplay=YES for a layout, I wish it would stay that way.

If I switch to another file and come back, PrintDisplay is off and has to be reanabled.

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Hi Miano,
We have logged this feature request as RH-61279
It is too late for Rhino 6, but we are have it submitted as a Rhino 7 bug.
Thanks for letting us know.

Mary Ann Fugier
McNeel Technical Support and Training
Seattle, WA

Hi @mary

I have “_PrintDisplay _State=_On _Enter” set to run at startup, but it only does this on either model or layout, depending on how the file is saved.

Would this be accessible in rhinoscript? that it could be run at startup for both model and layouts?

This could be a fix for users who want this functionality…

Hi Arkadius -

We have command-line access to that feature on the list as RH-65978. I’ve added this thread.

RH-65978 made this possible in v8.

Please find the details in my comment.

thankyou @KelvinC & @wim

…life gets a little easier with each passing day.