Print two views to pdf in one page

Hello all,

I looked at different options but cannot find what I need.
I simply would like to print a front and side view to pdf, preferably with the same zoom/scale.

Many thanks if you have a suggestion for me.

Regards, Robert

Make a layout with the two views and print that one.


Or temporarily create a copy of your objects and move it aside away from the original.
so for example, take the front view’s objects and use the “remap to cplane” command to map it to the top view which you already have what you want as the “top view”. so now just put them together nicely and there you have it.
just print it from there.
eventually, delete the copy.

Many thanks gentlemen, much appreciated.

I did consider Roy’s solution but was hoping for a more elegant and way of doing it. So I took Wim’s advise and looked into layout, indeed this is perfect for me. Still trying to find my way around and one thing that I have problems with is thickness of some lines. Attached the file i’m working on right now, in the FinalLayOut the lines of the TopView are the way I want them to be also in the section below (front) But it seems that something is over-riding those settings. Most probably a silly mistake of me but somehow I cannot find the fault.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Robert

NieuweDeurMuziekStudio2 004_Test.3dm (368.3 KB)

Do yourself a favour and use the Make2D command. It can be a bit of a pain from time to time but it’s much nicer than trying to dimension a 3D object.

There are countless ways to hide things in view and switch things on/off - change colours etc but if you want to change line types and line thicknesses do that with the output from make 2D.

_CurveBoolean (for outlines)
_PrintDisplay (you need to activate this both in the model space and paper space + viewports individually)

NieuweDeurMuziekStudio2 004_Test1.3dm (377.2 KB)