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I recently found a bug while printing multiple layouts. When using “File > Print”, only the selected view tab is printed correctly. All the other layouts are printed as “Wireframe viewport”. The fact is all my layouts contains objects that need to be rendered as “Rendered viewport”. Actually, the only workaround I’ve found is printing individually each layout which could be a lot of manipulation (select the layout, then print, repeat x times)

In fact, when the print dialog is opened, in the “View and Output Scale” section, the first dropdownlist shows the selected view tab name. By using this list, if you change the selected view the preview (at the right) already shows the error.

May I also suggess to add the possibility the print multiple layout to separate files. This could be really helpful.

Hi Sideprojek- so far this seems to work here if I select All Layouts or Multiple Layouts in the dialog. Can you tell me the exact steps you are using to get the error?



Hi Pascal,

Please see the uploaded model below.
Rhino.zip(12.3 MB)

You will find 3 page layouts. If you select the first tab (001), right-click on the tab, then select “Print”. You will normally see this.

Then if you change the selected tab in the dropdown list below the “View and Output Scale”. You will normally see this. (Everything is in wireframe). If I print I get the same result then the preview. Also, if you do the process again, but select the second tab (002), the right click, print. This time the page “002” will be preview correctly, but not the others.

Hmmm- yes, I see… but I don’t think this scenario was taken into account. As far as I can see, there is nothing at all in the model space, and you have planes on the layouts exactly obscuring the detail views. I see that the layouts other than the current one print differently, I am not sure what is going on there, but I’m not sure what you’re try to do.


Exactly there’s nothing actually in the model space because I’ve cleaned a lot of stuff before send it to you. The plane that is actually “obcuring” the detail view contains an alpha map in to partially see the detail view in my model (which you don’t have).

This being said, the goal is simply to be able to print multiple layouts exactly as the active layout tab (selected)…

Also, do you know if there is a way to print multiple layouts in separated pdf files? I know how to do it with image format (JPG), but I did not figure out how to do it with pdf.

Yep, got that. thanks. Added as a bug here:


(these are not visible to the public)

Thanks Pascal

Hi @dale

I face the same issue in Rhino 6. Is there something I need to add in code (due to Display Mode being broken)?

Kindly help.