Wish LAYOUTS: Print multiple layouts to one PDF

It would be great if we could select multiple layouts in the Layouts panel and hit print to make one PDF of the selected pages.
(In fact it feels like a bug that this doesn’t happen since we can select multiple layouts, and it is intuitive to do, and feels quite obvious that this could be done too IMO)

Please add as wish

Oh, and it would be nice if we could tag what window the detail should use:

And I repeat the wish for DPI settings to stick so we don’t end up printing A0 layouts at 600dpi.
At least please adjust the default to 300dpi.

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Hei Jørgen -

I’ve added this thread to RH-55300.

If that were to make it in, I suppose that should be a list of views with check boxes, because if you want 2 details, you’d possibly want different views. Or not? Or, perhaps, sometimes yes, sometimes not? Sounds hard to get right.
FWIW, personally, I have set that to 0 initial details and have keyboard shortcuts to add the detail that I want. Both because I then get to pick the view but also because, most of the time, I find that they are not in the right position anyway and I’d have to move and resize them anyway.

I’ve given RH-38875 a nudge as well.

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Layout publishing is in need of updating, for years we have requested better layout printing to PDF, lots of big topics littered all over the forum, c’mon McNeel please update/improve this part of the documentation. I don’t even know if there will be any improvements in V8 ?? :roll_eyes: