Print to PDF crash

When I try to print to Rhino PDF, rhino 6 crashes. I’ve tried it with the same settings but using CutePDF instead and that works fine, as does saving as an image. The error message I get says my graphics card is out of memory, but…CutePDF works. I’ve only tried this with one model so far.


Hi Peter - can you run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results?


What display mode are you attempting to print?

Only if you won’t say my graphics card drivers are out of date :slightly_ssysinfo.txt (2.0 KB)

OK - Re:the thing I’m not supposed to say, it would not HURT… to get the latest.


Well, that fixed it (but f’ed up my computer for a half day) Thanks!

Oh, not fixed. And to answer Steve’s question, display mode is arctic.

Crash is different than it was before. Now I get no error message, rhino just hangs (I let it run for a few minutes before forcing it to shut down.)

@DavidEranen, can you take a look at this since it is an arctic mode print crash?


Does it work if you set the DPI value to 150? I believe this has to do with the size of the print, but it’s always hard to say how big it is (in pixels) when doing prints.

Yes, it saves (very slowly) without crashing at 150dpi. Also works fine using CutePDF at 600dpi.


I’m afraid that the image is too demanding to print when skylight shadows are enabled. The final image dimensions for that paper size is 14400 x 10800. The only advice I can give you is to either print a smaller image, or to disable the skylight in the Rendering settings. The skylight is always enabled in Arctic mode, so you’d have to use Rendered mode instead.

We have code in Rhino which fixes these crashing issues, but there’s still a certain GPU driver bug which can appear so the fix will have to wait.