Print: Tile multiple pages? (like in Illustrator)

Hey guys, just wanted to ask whether there is an option or workaround to avoid the Illustrator export and print in 1:1 scale directly from Rhino. So if the original size of an object is exceeding A4 that I’m able to tile the whole area in a number of A4 prints like in Illustrator?

Thanks a lot for your input!

You don’t need Illustrator, just create a PDF at 1:1 and open it in Adobe Reader (the free one). Go to file>print>tile pages

perfect! Thanks a lot @jespizua!!! This is something I’ve never considered. Would love to have this implemented in v6 or later. just select the area and print tiled right out of Rhino

You’re welcome! Yes, it would be handy to have this feature implemented within Rhino, but at least we have a free alternative.

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@jespizua Absolutely! Thanks for mentioning it!