Thanks for printing!


Hi Guys,

thanks for the new build, and thanks especially for the new printing dialog. Great work.

My only request would be something that makes page tiling easier.

Also, wondering if ‘Angstroms’ are the most useful unit to have as the default reference in scaling. :smile:


(Marlin Prowell) #2

Printing currently handles a single viewport and image. Are you asking to tile this single image across several pages?

Rhino also has a page layout option that allows you to lay out several images across multiple pages. Are you asking for this instead? This is not yet implemented in Rhino for Mac.

This will be fixed in the next WIP release. It won’t be ‘parsecs’ either. :slight_smile:


Thanks Marlin,

I guess I was really thinking about will be solved when layout is implemented. I suppose I’ll just have to be patient :smile:

In the interim I will continue to use the excellent Adobe Illustrator export module to do multi-sheet layouts.

There are some pretty awesome units there in the printing! I’m glad that Rhino is both “nanoengineering” and “terraforming” ready. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: