Print resolution WISH


Is there a way to set the resolution for printing layouts?
Or please set the default to at least 150dpi.

Printing a shaded detail comes out pixelated…


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Isn’t the printing resolution a printer setting? Because i can change dpi in my printer properties.


No. I can set the printer to print at 600dpi, but it cannot print higher than the resolution of the image (detail viewport).
There must be a way for Rhino to shade at a higher resolution in the detail viewport.
How does it work on a retina computer for instance?


I see what you mean. There is a little trick get a high resolution image.


And set the Width and height 3-5 times higher than standard. Then print this image and you will have smooth curves.

Difference between normal and 3 times:


But I have a layout with multiple viewports with a shaded view.
So I want to print the whole page at high resolution. And this is not possible, for non vector objects…

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Hi Morten,

@stevebaer is probably the guy at McNeel to know what happens behind the scenes:

I never found this, but a quick test indeed reveals that at higher resolutions set in the (PDF) printer, there seems to be no change in pixel information in rastered/shaded viewports. The quality of vectors increases with higher resolution set.
I’d be curious to know where this is/can be controlled.


Customer need to set the Print Raster Resolution

@stevebaer do you have any input on above topic?



Could a solution be that you can set the resolution of each detail viewport individually? Like you do with the scale.


Any update on this?
I just want to output a pdf layout with a rendered view in printable resolution.



McNeel is on west coast time (Seattle, Washington), so they may not be open yet.


Hi Morten, if you need to get the job out, a workaround in the meantime is to -ViewCaptureToFile of the shaded view at a high res then bring the image into Layout as a PictureFrame and adjust the size and trim up to fit the space.

This works well but increases the file size quite a bit if there are multiples, which may not be a problem. Also you will need to embed the jpgs if you send the file to anyone.


Thanks Brian,

Good workaround. Thanks.
I hope Mcneel will update the layout functionality with time.