Print problem of picture to save PDF or PNG

Hello all,
i want print much PNG pictures from rhino to save PDF or PNG. i got following problem.see the picture.
maybe had someone idea to solve that?
many thanks!

Test for print with block and surface.3dm (293.5 KB)

Hello - have you tried printing to an image file?



thanks. it does not work.

Hello - a full rendering with transparent background and no groundplane should get what you need, I think - you can set the pixel size to suit…

Test for print with block and surface_PG.3dm (223.5 KB)


@KelvinC @stevebaer can you take a look for this print problem?

thanks. but it is not what we need. what we need is:

  • TransparentBackground
  • Right scale 1:100
  • No Frame/Pixel around the tree

with “-ViewCaptureToFile” i can very quick get “TransparentBackground” and “No Frame/Pixel around the tree”, but i can’t set the “Right scale 1:100” in this command.

in layout to print, i can have “TransparentBackground” and “Right scale 1:100”, but then i got the problem “Frame/Pixel around the tree”.

is there a way to merge them together? for example can i set scale 1:100 with command “-ViewCaptureToFile” , we draw always 1:1 in model.


If I interpret this correct, it looks like Rhino PDF is not drawing the trees with alpha applied. Is that correct?

With „Rhino PDF“ in wireframe modes i can print a PDF with transparent background. But there are some white pixel around the tree.

In rhino only the -ViewCaptureToFile in rendered modes works to get the tree no white pixel around.Maybe you can look the code about this command, and programing it in the printer „Rhino PDF“. Then it is perfekt. :slight_smile:

i think you are right? is there a way to fix that? thanks.

I don’t know yet. I’ll have to see what can be done.