Rhino 6 transparent background print

I don’t understand how i can keep the transparent background , after printing it turns black


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Are you printing directly to a printer or to an image or other format like PDF? Note some formats like JPEG do not support transparency, so if it’s an image file you are creating, use PNG.

Hi, yes the black image is png file, that s way I thought is wired

Hmm, just a quick test, it seems that going through the Print dialog to an image file, that you do not have the choice of a transparent background. So maybe you should try _ViewCaptureToFile instead, choose PNG and check the box that says “Transparent background”…

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hi, in that case it works _ViewCaptureToFile

Yeah, nice and all, but this way you loose the scale and printing colors you eventually wanted to use when printing.


No updates on this ? We can’t export to PNG with transparency ? Bummer

Hi Thomas -

No, this is still on the “Future” list: RH-10758 Transparent background


Thanks, that would be pretty useful for different categories of professionals.
I will follow that subject

You got ten years? :hourglass:

Nice, well I am sure they will improve more things pretty soon, I gave them a lot of money a couple of month ago.