Print layout bug and suggested features

Hi everyone,
I think I have found a couple of bugs in the layout preview and in the printing window, see attached picture.

Explanation: in the layout view the dotted lines are wrongly scaled if “print preview” is on, it shows the scale of these dotted line properly only turning that option off, so basically there is no way to see both the thickness preview and the dashed line scaled correctly at once.

It would be lovely if would fix it.

  1. when I set PNG as output, the next time I print I always need to reset png manually and the height and width of the page too because it does not memorize it, it’s very annoyng when you have to print a lot of variants of the same page, with other printers it remembers the last choice correctly only png looks bugged.

  2. this is more a feature request rather than a bug, there is no way to export a png with transparent background, with pdf you can , so basically every time I need to export a transparent image I need to export in pdf and then convert it with photohsop which is a little cumbersome, it would be much appreciated to have a toggle for “alpha” as well.