Pdf and Layout many bugs in New and previous Beta

Just installed the latest build of Rhino wip.
1.Print to pdf no matter what no thickness change for an objects lines or edges even if they are changed in display mode or set in print settings raster or vector and line scale didn’t work and all line work was thin.
2. Importing a layout from another file some of the text would not scale correctly and came in at model scale.
3. Most of the text was not proper scale anyway and needed to be rescaled.
4.Text prints larger then appears in Layout on at least one text item I have here
5.Rendered and most drawing modes did not work in most modes the detail would error out with large black border and even zooming or rotating would not refresh these view modes in a detail.
6. This is really becoming a mess where does one set their line thickness, in display mode, in the print layer, in the print out box before printing? What a rotten mess this has become and none of it works.

Lastly McNeel claimed they have a pdf printer where is it? I don’t see it when I go to print I’m on win 10 and I only see Microsoft print to pdf when I go to print.

All in all pretty frustrating and of course I had to send out a plan last night, in the past before V6 beta I could trust the wips for doing work but in V6 it’s become a real pain and I simply at this point don’t have time to mess with time consuming bugs due to heavy work load but I thought I report them.


I think you may have hit every bug in the WIP in one day.

The new PDF work is currently only available when you “Save As…” a PDF file. Integration with the print command has not been completed.

I haven’t heard of this specific bug. Do you have a sample I can see to try and repeat this?

I don’t see that here. What PDF printer are you using? Note that the point sizes in the display modes have nothing to do with printing.

There have been a lot of changes recently and I don’t think that the dust has completely settled on this one. @lowell probably knows best where we’re at at the moment. At any rate, it’s best to provide a file - was it a RH5 file that was imported?

Could you provide screen shots and GPU information?

As far as I know, this hasn’t changed from RH5. The answer is “all of the above” - but all depending on what you try to do and the specific situation.

You were misinformed.
The current WIP has native PDF Export / SaveAs in place. This will be integrated into the Print system in the future.

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