Layouts and printing issue, visible is not visible and lines change

Here is a typical problem I have with Layout:
Rhino to the left, PDF to the right:

Se that many of the texts are suddenly behind the hatches and that the line type scale has changed. It is very annoying to allways have to double check each and every print to see if something has changed. Can you please fix this?

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Ok, here is an example, the one above:
I managed to extract the stuff from the file as it was before I fixed it.

Layout print bug.pdf (71.9 KB)
Layout print bug.3dm (1.7 MB)

And as you understand I wish that when printing from a Layout WYSIWYG was the default setting.

(Do I remember correctly that it was @dale who wanted examples like this?)

Hi Holo,
You have probably already discovered the solution. But I will revive this in case, it will help other users. I found this buried and I thank the quarantine for that.

Thank you for the file. It helps a lot.
It is also helpful to know if you are using Rhino for Mac or Windows, 5, 6?

I tested this on Rhino 6 SR27 wip 2020-5-18.
I used a command PrintDisplay and tuned it and layout linetypes on.
Command: PrintDisplay
Print Display (Layout Viewports) ( State=On Color=Print LayoutLinetypes=Off ): LayoutLinetypes=On

In the print dialog, you have two more linetype display overrides: the first is pattern definition spacing like you see in the Print Display.

The second is like the model space linetype view, print display is off.

At this time I am not seeing the text behind the hatch. The display should automatically put the text on top of the hatch. It may have gotten turned up since you originally reported this. It it is not on top, then from model space, Seltext, BringForward command. The draw order may have gotten messed up over time.

Again, if you post an issue, please include:

  • Version and platform of Rhino
  • Description of problem
  • Steps to repeat
  • And a model or link to download (delete are sensitive information.).

Let me know if this helps.
Mary Ann Fugier

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Ah, thanks for picking this up. Now I can finally deliver the drawing to the customer, they will be thrilled since it they have waited some time now :wink:
Luckily this has become better but we still need to double check our PDF’s to make sure the draw order is correct. I’ll keep an eye out for when and if it faults again and will report back.
(I use Rhino6 on PC)
Again thanks for following it up, and sorry for the bad joke, I couldn’t help my self :smiley:

See, some good has come out of this pandemic!
Another bad joke, Holo.
~Mary Fugier

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