Bug: preview of layout is not like output

This is not a new bug, or it’s back.

When I output a layout as pdf, the output looks like the view on the screen, but if I output to a .jpg, the lighting is completely different. This does not happen when the resolution is set to 100, but it does happen at resolutions 200 and higher. It appears to affect layouts with rendered details - it did not happen when I tried it with a 3-light setup, just the default lights.

Also brought this up on the old NG:

Hi Peter, I am seeing weirdness again as well, I’ll send an example to the developer- thanks.


This continues to be a large problem for me, 3 years later. I can’t provide decent resolution detail pages to my clients. I’ll attach some files, and I notice this only seems to happen with rendered views (not shaded.)

I’ve also tried this in the new WIP with default settings and seen the same results.

rhino layouts problem.zip (1.5 MB)

Hi Peter - unfortunately. this example works as expected here… I can’t make it mess up.



@mary, is this something you’ve seen?

I was able to see the same problem in the past,but now that I think about it, that was at least one video card ago.


Hi Peter,
Sorry for the frustration of this issue.
My test are attached below.
Like Pascal, I am unable to duplicate it here with your model, your setting and my Rhino. I remember something similar, a few service release back, but I believe it has been fixed.

So we we have a few more questions for you.

  1. Go to Help and About Rhino. What is the date and SR release you are using?
    If you could send us a screen capture of the About Rhino, the Rhino screen & title bar, and the Options → View → OpenGl page, that would maybe give us more to go on.
  2. What is the Windows OS? I have Windows 8. You are using the Windows Image file out driver. I also used it.
  3. Do you see any different results if you use a PDF driver like Adobe or PDF995?
    (You can print to a Adobe PDF in with Acobat convert the PDF to a JPG. Not a great workabout, but possible.)
  4. Do you see any different result if you use the hard copy printer?

Let me know if I have missed anything here. It has been going on for a while.
Thanks for any additional information you can provide for us.
Mary Ann Fugier

MyTest 200 dpi

My Test 300 dpi

My Test 400 dpi

Hi Mary,
Version 5 SR12 64-bit
Windows 7 Ultimate
I use CutePDF and I’ve tried it on several resolutions & have not seen this problem happen at any resolution.
Printing a hard copy seems to work fine at ‘highest’ quality (though I’m not clear what that resolution is.)
The magic number seems to be 136dpi - everything is fine up to that, but at 137dpi, the weirdness starts happening (I just did a test with single-dpi increments from 130 to 140)

I’m glad to say that this has been fixed in V6 now. Still a problem in V5, but don’t care.