Print display absolute line width

Hello there,

I’m wondering if there is a way to view the absolute line widths natively from within rhino?
Currently, the line thickness appears relative to the display width, instead of actual dimensions.
I did find the Human Grasshopper script which does the job. But it could be a good thing to
have for the user to see the absolute line thicknesses as they would compared to the model space.

Also, is there a way in which line thicknesses can be set in units other than MM?


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Hi jeremy - are you asking for line widths to be set in units on screen or in 3d ? Does the system you mention in GH show the line widths you like in perspective views?


Hi Pascal, thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

If I understand the first question correctly, I think that it would be useful for the lines to have the width accurate to the model space. That is, if the line thickness is set to 1mm, it would be good for it to appear as 1mm in the model.
I believe that currently, it is set to display the thickness for the screen, and does not change when you zoom in and out.

For the second question, it seems to create a 3D pipe with rounded ends with the thickness (diameter) set in the line thickness. This works in perspective too.


i can remember that this has been requested a few times and i agree, having an absolute print display would help to judge and choose better. right now you have to set line weight according to experience rather than WYSIWYG.

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@jdelavaulx i think i must have overlooked that. it seems it is now possible to display the right thickness when you use layouts. that at least is true for the mac version, no idea if that reflects back to the windows version. check it out

@stevebaer cool, i am getting the feeling that i should update to version 6 after all, after being so resilient for so long :see_no_evil:

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