Display line weights

Hi guys,

is there a way in Rhino mac to display lineweights? I mean you can change the thickness in the layer. But is there a way to display the line weights while you are drawing?

But the width representation is a crude approximation because of the relative resolution of the monitor compared to a printer.


Great, very useful. Thanks a lot!!!

Before 4K you mean John? :wink:

If you’re on a 13" screen then probably yes, 4k is close to 300 dpi printing. Any monitor bigger than that will be less than 300.
Also, I don’t recall how the PrintDisplay calculates the lined widths it displays. It was designed for 72dpi monitors so it was never intended to be a good representation of the print, just kind of an approximation.

If there is a way of improving ‘Print Display’ this would be very useful.

As mentioned one does not really see the difference in line weight.
I’m using an iMac retina but one does not see difference in line thickness below 0.5

This feature works really well in Vectorworks and Illustrator. And means one does not
have to print a drawing to make final adjustments.

Hi Seamus - you may need to boost the ‘Thickness’ setting on PrintDisplay.


You do not have to print a drawing to see the line thickness. Open the print dialog, click the “pdf” button (btm-left) and select “open pdf in preview”.


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Thanks Pascal. Works great

How do I figure out an adequate value for ‘Thickness’ based on my monitor’s resolution and pixel density, to come as close as possible to a WYSIWYG situation?

Since it’s you looking at your monitor, you get to choose.
There is no “Lineweight Display Authority” handing out demerits for how your setup your display.

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The point with PrintDisplay is to get a WYSIWYG presentation before printing and when we physically print (or print to PDF) at 1:1 the line weight should be the same thicknes on “all” printers as long as it is thicker than the printer’s “hairline” thickness.

Same goes for a monitor, when you know resolution and pixel density you also know the size and can determine the accurate scale ratio for line thickness. Rhino already has the 1:1 calibration tool and I am sure you could use that data as a scale factor for the Thickness setting, if you wanted to.

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Thanks McNeel for this feature - I had no idea until now and for years have been Piping curves to see them thicker… Lol

Forgive my late answer ; for example : “Thickness = 80” looks to perform pretty well on a Cintiq pro 24 (238 dpi I think…). And of course : it’s just a vague approximation. Have a good day !..