Rhino 7 individual line attributes

how to I set/establish the type/width/color/… of individual lines? I’ve found the functionality to change line attributes on a layer basis; not on an individual object basis…


Hi Art - these are set in the Properties panel for the selected curves.



thanks! looked at the tab at least a dozen times and didn’t recognize the functionality…

still don’t see “displayed” line width; ie: not printed


You need to run the command _PrintDisplay to turn on on-screen display of line weights (pixel-approximations, of course).

thanks for your post. that said, the help page on _PrintDisplay was NO help…

assume I have a line selected/highlighted, what do I need to do to have it displayed 2, 3, or 4 pixels wide on the monitor??


The curves need to have a line weight attributed via properties - the same as for printed documents. Once you set PrintDisplay to On, the line weight will be approximated on the screen. Remember, screen display is in pixels while line weight is set in file units (mm or inches). You can’t set a line weight in pixels. Depending on your screen resolution and dimensions screen pixels can be different sizes - Rhino tries to figure this out I guess and try to convert line weight to pixels the best it can. I have noticed differences with high resolution screens - there is also Windows display scaling that probably comes into play here as well.

Edit: according to the Help topic, the “Thickness” setting (default=40) apparently controls how Rhino calculates the pixel width based on screen resolution - but I really don’t know what that number means.

@pascal - do you know? @kelvin - maybe a little more ‘meat’ is needed on the barebones of this topic?

Hi Mitch - it is a somewhat arbitrary factor assigned so that ‘physical’ width can be translated into pixels. I need to ask every time this comes up - due to sieve-brain - but I think the answer amounts to that.


Yeah, I kinda figured that, however, it must be based on some more or less real-world formula that tries to figure out how big a pixel is…

So, in testing here, I have a HD 1920 x 1200 screen here, if I use the default thickness=40 setting, a print width of 10mm actually comes out as 11mm measured. Thickness=36 seems to be more or lest correct for this setup.

Maybe there needs to be some sort of PrintWidthThicknessCalibrate function like Zoom1to1Calibrate? Maybe the two could even be related since Zoom1to1Calibrate also tries to convert file units to pixels?