Print dialog freezes when printing to PDF on Mac

Rhino 7.28.23058.03002
OSX 13.1 on M2

choose the option to print a selected window area
print to PDF

the PDF is crated but the print dialog freezes. Only killing the process helps.

Hi Thomas -

On macOS, using “Print” uses a macOS feature over which we have very little control. We recommend using the ExportAll command to create PDF files on a Mac.

Have you tried updating to the latest 13.3.1 version?

I have a drawing which is updated once a year and then I have to print it in size B1. Therefore I need to create a PDF which I can send someone to print.

I always used Rhino on Parallels only to create a PDF of this file because it has been crashing on Mac for the last couple of years. But Rhino on Win on Parallels is no longer working with my M2 mac. Rhino just keeps crashing silently after opening a file.

For this file, Export All to PDF on Mac creates a different output than printing to PDF. Some lines are omitted etc.

I have updated OSX to 13.3.1 with the result that printing to PDF now results in a file with different paper size than selected (as before, file still created in background while Rhino print dialog freezes).

Summary; I have 3 different approaches using Rhino to create this PDF and none of them is working (anymore) :frowning:

I can send you the file and outputs by mail if needed