Problems printing PDFs in Rhino

I have a problem with printing a PDF in Rhino for Mac. A problem that has persisted since the update to macOS Ventura is that when I press the PDF-bottom in the print window a new windows appears that I have to save in. The initial print window is greyed out and I’m unable to close it. I can only move it. For every time I save a PDF a grey window will appear. The only way to get rid of them is to restart Rhino.

A new problem with macOS Sonoma is that when try to reposition the view by selecting Window and Set, Rhino will print on the printer. Mind that I haven’t pressed Print.
When I have saved the PDF with the usual problem with greyed Windows and I try to close the Print Window, Rhino will unexpectedly crash.

Are these problems you are aware of and know how to fix?

Hej Troels -

From the crash report that you sent in today, I see that you are running 7.31. I’d update to the current 7.34 just to make sure…

Apart from that, I take it that you are using the Print command when creating PDF files? I would suggest using the ExportAll command on macOS. In Rhino 8, using Print will now use the Rhino PDF exporter, but on earlier versions, that would be Apple’s exporter and we have no control over that one.