Print as Adobe PDF: PostScript error


I am trying to export the view of my Rhino Model as a PDF. Actually this is the only way I found to have a vector file from the view. If anyone has an alternative, please tell me.

Anyway, if I go to Print > Adobe PDF and print, I get the following error (I translated it from my language, sorry):

  • The creation of a PostScript file requires the use of System fonts and Document fonts. Select the proprieties of the printer in the Adobe PDF settings tab and un-check the option “Use only system fonts, don’t use document fonts”.

What Am I doing wrong?
How save a view as a PDF?

I would not recommend using Adobe PDF authoring tools.
If this is Rhino V6, use the Rhino PDF printer.
If this is V5, I’d download one of the free PDF authoring tools like PDF995, CutePDF, or BullZip.
they all work better than Adobe Acrobat for Authoring PDF files. Reader is fine for viewing them.


Okay I used another driver, one of the ones you provided.
Anyway, there is a huge difference between Raster output and Vector output.

Anyway, what I want to do, is saving a PDF/dwg/Ai version of my prospects. Which is the best way to do it?

At the moment I go to the pen view, I print the view to PDF using raster output, but that is not a great solution. What should I do?

If you want to get vector output from surfaces, you will have to use Make2D first to convert your view into a 2D line drawing.