Save as Raster PDF - Always makes a Vector

I’m trying to get a view exported as a PDF. I want to have it rendered with the shaded view, which according to the preview on the right, can be done with a raster export. However when the PDF is saved it always makes a vector file, showing a wireframe which I don’t want. Does anyone know what is causing this?

If you’re using the Print command and Raster is selected for the output already, I’d try another PDF print driver. I use PDF995 for instance. Give that a try and if you still have an issue, post a screenshot of your Print dialog and the 3dm file (or a portion of it) that shows the issue and I’ll take a look.

I just tried with PDF995 and it’s still turning it into a wireframe vector.

Print.3dm (331.1 KB)

Strange, I get a raster image here as shown in the attached print.pdf file. Print.pdf (113.9 KB)

Are you maybe looking for the edge and isocurve display to not be shown? This would be set in the shaded display mode prior to printing as shown here… Print_no_edges_or_isos.pdf (114.4 KB)

If you zoom in on the first print.pdf file in acrobat reader it gets aliased pretty quickly so the wireframe is not vector here.

No, I don’t mind the isocurves. When I get my result it is a vector PDF with no shaders.

What program are you using to view the PDF? Can you post your PDF after using the print command too? What do you see with the PDFs I posted? They should both be raster images.

Both of the PDFs you posted show up as rasters to me. I have opened the PDF in numerous programs and always see the same thing. See attached for the file I get.test.pdf (5.7 KB)

After trying some other things I may have found a work around. If I generate a PDF with the Print command, it works. No idea why…

That’s correct so please use that approach for now, I was confused about what method you were using. Now I understand and see the problem which looks like a bug. Thanks for the report, I filed it as