Printing to PDF in scripted mode produces postscript file

Hi all,

I am having issues using the print command in scripted mode (-print).

When I print a layout or viewport using the print dialog, everything works fine. When I then execute -_print _go, it asks for a target filename as expected, but then produces a postscript file instead of a PDF. I tried this with Adobe PDF and the free Bullzip PDF printer, also on different machines.

Is this expected behavior (like Rhino is using a “print to file” feature of the printer driver that is supposed to write postscript), or is this unexpected and could be fixed?

Interestingly, Rhino PDF seems to avoid scripted mode and falls back to the previously used printer (or the first in the list, not sure), even if I explicitly set the printer like -_print _setup _destination _printer "Rhino PDF" _enter _enter _go.

Using Rhino 7 SR 8 on Windows.



Hi Hanno -

It is a known limitation that would take a lot of work to change.
You can use a python script to export to PDF - See the following post: