Price on our side not updating, since yesterday

I have experienced several strange behaviors since yesterday.

When the models load everything is fine, if you change the sliders the bolts in the furniture disappears and the price does not update… I really dont understand why, it works locally and it has been tested to work prior. Did you change anything on your end which might have an impact on this?


@morten1 many thanks for reporting the problem. An update was rolled out yesterday, we will investigate right away.

@morten1 we are working on tracking down the problem. I noticed that re-uploading your model seems to solve the problem related to the price not getting updated. I know this is inconvenient, and we will keep working on figuring out why it doesn’t work for your existing model(s), but the fastest path to get your configurator fixed might be re-uploading.
I will let you know once more about the disappearing bolts, re-upload does not solve this issue.

It’s hardly a solution to re upload all of my models. Seriously?

Did you solve the problem in your end?

@morten1 I suggested re-uploading only as a temporary solution. We have deployed a fix that should have solved the problem a few minutes ago. I tested using one of your configurators and it seems to work as expected. Please review that and let us know.

The bug which was there since Sunday September 19th 22:00 CEST will have resulted in wrong outputs to be cached, for those sets of parameter configurations which were requested since then. We will clean those from the cache, however this will take some time (at least one day). If you need this to be solved earlier, the only solution will be to re-upload the affected models I’m afraid.

We are very sorry for this problem to have happened. We are very aware of the inconveniences, and tested heavily before deploying this update, which comes in preparation for a lot of new features for the ShapeDiver Platform, the 3D viewer, and the Grasshopper Plugin.

@morten1 as an example, a preview of one of these coming features can be seen here, which I hope will make up for the inconvenience suffered today.

Seems very nice. Thanks!

Would it be possible for you to announce that you are making such changes in the future? If our website had been live, we would have sold quite cheap furniture to people.

It would be nice to let people know that changes are coming…