PreviousEdgeSelection - Pipe Tool

I find PreviousEdgeSelection in FilletEdge etc. very handy - could it be added to the Pipe tool as well?

Guessing it would be a bit more complex given you could select curves for Pipe, so there would be a need to discern whether to explicitly apply to edges. But I suppose that option would just have a SurfaceEdge filter. Or even to allow the previous ‘curve/surfaceEdge’ selection?

Hello - is this because you find yourself making complex pipes with multiple radii and large numbers of inputs?


Exactly, and often testing multiple radii as well.

Hello - it might, then, make even more sense, since we’re stealing from FilletEdge, to allow Edit in the same way - then you could go back in to an pipe and change the inputs without starting over.


Very true! I don’t know. Maybe it’s a decent idea… maybe it’s overkill. Would be good to get the thoughts of others.