Wish: _FilletEdge option ChainEdges with (Yes/No) & "express" Fillet

It would be great if the ChainEdges option would become a Y/N command (as it is done for other commands), so it stays until the user changes it.

Right now, it becomes a very tedious task when I must fillet several (140+) edges manually and each time I have to make the extra click on ChainEdges (or press c + Enter).

I know I can select multiple edges in one go with the selection marquee, but in this special case Rhino will not fillet all edges correctly at once, hence the manual input.

Additionally, it would also be great to have an “express” _FilletEdge option, meaning if I plan to fillet several edges, one after the other and all these edges will have the same radius/behavior to skip all parameters that have to be confirmed afterwards (after radius selection three more clicks).

modify your fillet edges tool (or make a copy of it) with this-

then you will have a tool that specifically chains, and if you want, a copy that does not chain.

yay custom tools!

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uuuuuuh, that is great and opens a whole new world of possibilities! Thanks for the tip!

Edit: it works great!
Note: you have to FilletEdge the first edge the normal way, so the radius size ist set for all others to come, as the custom chain command uses the last input (or if there was none before, it uses the standard 1mm) and can not be altered once triggered.
Still, a huge time saver if you have to do these repetitive commands.

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