Selecting shared edges for Pipe's rail

In V6 and the WIP:

  1. Run _Pipe.
  2. Click on a shared (mated / non-naked) polysurface edge for Select rail.


The Selection Menu appears for selecting the edge per the adjacent face.

The same occurs for Select rail’s ChainEdges option.

The edges are directly selected (not per face) for Select rail’s Multiple option.

In V5, the edges are directly selected for all options.

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I see that. There are two surface edges at that location. In your example, they are the same length so you can use either one and get the same result.

What problem is this for you?
What problem are you trying to solve?

I wanted to point this out since this regression (against V5) adds unnecessary halting during selection. For example, if someone is using ChainEdges with AutoChain=Yes to select contiguous tangent edges, it should only require the picking of the first edge to get all, the same as how edge selection works with FilletEdge. In this case, it would be quicker to DupEdge the edges by chain selection, then apply Pipe to those curves.

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