Is there a way grasshopper could have a pre-load helper app? So you don’t have to wait for it to load every time you start up rhino?

Very good question!

You want it to load in the background while you do other stuff in Rhino?

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That would be great if it’s possible @fraguada . Now we lose a lot of time just loading gh.

I don’t see this happening in GH1, but perhaps @DavidRutten could consider it for GH2?

It really should be for GH1… GH2 seems a long way from achieving the level of productivity as GH1.

The intent of the preloader is to do everything that happens when you load grasshopper once, on computer startup, instead of having to do it every time. Unless the configuration changes, I don’t see why it has to keep loading. Why can’t it just save a snapshot to RAM so it’s instantly available?

Of course, the real goal is pure speed. I don’t really care if it’s preloaded, stuff dynamically loads, but the user should not have to perceptibly wait. That’s with tens of plugins, dozens of user objects, etc.

If you want it to load faster, perhaps consider removing some add-ons?

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FWIW, opening Rhino with the /NoSplash shortcut flag and setting it to automatically open Grasshopper helps quite a bit with the tedium in my experience. But if you have a lot of plugins you’ll of course still be waiting, but at least you can do other things while it loads:

You can also set per plugin loading settings, but I’m not sure if that’ll help here:

Edit: Loading directly off disc appears to load a bit faster on my system, might be the SSD:


Pancake has a LazyLoad feature (but you need to enable it manually by editing config file, because I don’t find many people using it and it lacks UI.) It can load certain libraries and/or user objects after Grasshopper become responsive (async load). It helps a lot especially when you have a ton of user objects.


Not really. That won’t affect speed.

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It’s not exactly night and day, but loading of disc is slightly faster on my system. Here’s a quick side-by-side video with loading from disc on the left. It probably adds up with a lot of plugins:

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that’s not very helpful. the whole point is to have the addons available… the reason GH1 is so useful is the community and plugins people have created.

Thanks, that actually helped it go from 90 seconds to 40 seconds.


Thanks, I use Pancake but I’m way behind on versions. I’ll look into this