Grasshopper Loading Idea

I think grasshopper addons can be managed before loading, since most of time users have to install many addons, and they might not use them everyday and some addons are taking lots of time while they are loading.
My suggestion is a new Rhino plugin which is automatically open before Grasshopper loading and asks you to choose what addons should load. It can also has some preset of addons for your specific scripts.

The reason that I share this idea was to develop this idea by members of McNeel Forum

I’m not an expert coder and I’ve some few experiences, but I think this idea could be easily done by just moving the addons from Grasshopper Library folder to somewhere else or simply just block the files by using OS commands on each scripting language.
I think the main challenge is the way that the user interact with the plugin (UI)

I’ve attached a simple sketch of my idea

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I suggested this some time ago but I think it should be done from Grasshopper.dll because external solutions like moving the .gha temporarily is contributing to the current ugliness of managing plugins for GH.

What Grasshopper Setting > Solver allows you to do is not this. What is needed are “workspaces” where each preset has a plugin/skin/user-options configuration. If I open GH, it is very different if I am going to design jewellery, or if I am going to do physical simulations or if I am going to debug a plugin or if I am going to open a file from someone else etc.

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Thank you Mahdiyar
For mentioning them,

I mean something that could manage the plugins before Grasshopper loading

I think It can be more like an additional way for instance Fast boot option on motherboards allows user to boot the system quickly, however if you face a problem, you have to use Normal boot, which checks all the installed components and drivers of the motherboard

Thank you Dani
Yes exactly

Do you mean that if a, say, “gh_worksession.gws”-file is present in a folder, then (only) that configuration of plugins will be automatically loaded. Interesting idea.

But what would happen when swapping between GH-projects in different folders? And what if if having multiple GH-definitions in the same folder?

I assume it should not unload already loaded plugins on swapping between configurations or GH-definitions, since that could wipe out values of current global variables etc.

// Rolf

I just saw a related discussion:

No, this presets are named global settings so it should be stored in grasshopper_kernel.xml and selectable from a splash screen when GH starts to load.

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Sigh. I give up.

// Rolf