Loading grasshopper so long time

Hello to all dear subscribers
I have a problem loading grasshopper and while loading all components and plugins while writing “Loading user object write to CSV file” It takes a long time and often grasshopper doesn’t open and just locking on this page and I don’t know which plugin or file have problem to fix it
I would be appreciate if some one knows how to fix the problem

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Hi - have you checked the %appdata%\Grasshopper\UserObjects folder?

afaik Grasshopper is populating the interface when the progress is at 100%.

thank you so much for your response what should I check in this folder?

I didn’t understand what you mean?

You get loading errors in the command history, try to fix that as the first thing to do.

I do not have any errors why loading grasshopper

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I’ve been having the same problem now. Waiting for 5+ minutes for GH to load, no errors in the command line

@polforeman pls run _SystemInfo in Rhino and post back the results